Airlift Company

Last week Ian was kind enough to install airride on my GTI! He did an absolutely amazing job and the quality is on point. He even cut and welded a beautiful notch on my subframe! Here are some photographs documenting some of the work he was doing when I got to the shop after leaving the studio!




So… tomorrow should we post photos of Nate’s new BBS RS’s he got for his mk5 GTI, or should we post a series of iPhone photos dedicated to 2012?

Mark put new wheels on his Mk2 :)

Looking purdy.

Mark’s Mk2

The Week Before…

One week leading up to SoWo (Southern Worthersee) and the Eurofixx crew is starting to really get into gear. Brian Niehaus was at the fixx this evening detailing Erin’s GLI and is doing the same to Mark’s tomorrow afternoon. Ian’s BMW e30 is finally finished and I’m stoked, he and I have a photoshoot downtown in the morning! Anyways, I’m just keeping this short and sweet…

No Bueno…

So Ian’s E30 was having acceleration troubles on our way back from having lunch down at the Taste of Belgium with Kevin. We got back to the shop and popped out the sparkplugs…

The Faces of EuroFixx…

Mark and Ian are the creative and amazing masterminds behind the garage/shop EuroFixx in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was able to get ahold of a Nikon D700 and a 105mm f/2.8 lens today for some natural light portraits at the shop. Open shade lighting from the open garage door provided a nice dramatic lighting which gave an emotional touch. Aside from that, here are some fucking badass portraits of these two dudes that I’m very happy with!

Exhaust work & some Corrado love.

Ian spent much of his afternoon into the evening today cutting and welding his custom exhaust together. The Muffler is a Magnaflow as well, which is going to sound MEAN. Sadly a friend had to borrow my D300 to do a shoot at a big event downtown. I did get a few shots of what was going on along with a quick snap of Mark’s Corrado, which is now lowered and looking sexier than ever 😀